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An amazing destiny : Zegeye Asfaw Abdi

We have recently met in Addis Ababa the president of Hundee: one of the local NGO with which we cooperate. Mr. Abdi is a trained lawyer and after graduating in 1970 from a US university, he started a career as a civil servant at a very senior level in the legal and development fields. His career culminated after 1975 as a top government official with such positions as Minister of Land Reform and Administration, Minister of Agriculture and Land Settlement, Minister of Justice.

In 1979 though he became one of the iconic victims of the Mengistu dictatorship, when he was thrown into jail for as much 10 years without trial. He was released in 1989 and had no choice but exile. When democracy was reinstated, he served again as Minister of Agriculture, resigned after 2 years to dedicate his time and wealth of knowledge to development, being the founder and chairperson of Hundee which specializes in micro-credit and enterprises, food security, environment protection, human rights and gender equality.

The Mangrove Foundation is proud to partner with him and to be a contributor in the cause he defends with passion.


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