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Environment responsible leaders

An initiative of magnitude that we rarely see. The Ethiopian government has launched a massive reforestation program, based on the absolute evidence that each tree contributes to fix CO2, helps combat soil erosion, drought, or forms a bulwark against floods, etc. While the country was still covered with 30% forests at the end of the 19th century, this area had melted to be only 4%. Result: 350 million trees planted in one day, with a target of 4 billion.

What exciting news. But in the meantime, in Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro is always more complacent towards the companies active in Amazonia. Deforestation has increased by 88% over the last 11 months: 4,565 km² of primary forest will be transformed into soybean fields to provide more feed for livestock.

And we can hardly imagine a reversal of that trend. According to the FAO, meat production in the world, except for China, was 218 million tons in 2000, 300 million in 2015, and 376 million tons are expected in 2030. Is the EU going to sign the trade agreement with Mercosur?


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