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Is there someone to end Gabegie?

A thrill, the start of a large-scale awareness, the beginnings of an uprising? We pray that this doesn’t remain an isolated movement, because at last someone has to take action and stop the dumping of millions of dollars into the sewers. Or rather on the bank accounts of the pseudo-elites who pride themselves on leading the peoples of Africa to a better tomorrow.

Thus, "Stop loaning Kenya" has become in recent weeks a rallying slogan in one of the countries which are among the most indebted on the African continent. With this slogan, Kenyan Internet users disrupted on April 22 a live discussion on the climate on Facebook, in which the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva participated. Why ? The Kenyans are freaking out since they learned in early April that their country would benefit from a new IMF loan in the amount of $ 2.34 billion. According to an article published by the BBC (, when the current government took power in 2013, the public debt stood at $ 16 billion, it is now about 70 billion dollars, more than four times more, or approximately 65% ​​of the Kenyan GDP. The petition of more than 240,000 signatures denouncing multiple corruption scandals was not successful, but it seems that the mobilization remains intact.

This is needed, and we hope that this approach will be extended, because the Kenyans, and many peoples of Africa, especially where we intervene, are tired of seeing their political leaders fill in their pockets, while they notice that their taxes are increasing and fear that this will serve to pay off a debt from which they are far from benefiting. The price of gasoline is already on the rise. Additional charges that go badly during a pandemic. With its cohort of constraints, the Covid-19 has plunged many Kenyans into precariousness. And this while at the beginning of this year, President Uhuru Kenyatta had suggested that some 18 million dollars were lost every day due to corruption. Every day! What could we not do within the framework of the Mangrove Foundation projects with such a budget?


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