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The lost illusions

We are not going to talk about it like many have already done on the farce of COP26. But who could believe that progress was possible beyond the great and virtuous announcements?

Our explanation in 3 graphics below.

1. The level of development is fully correlated with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and we limit ourselves to CO2, to put it simply.

Which emerging country on earth will be willing to accept the injunctions of the most advanced countries in the name of the fight against global warming? In other words, this would consist for their leaders to send a simple message to the voters (if the regime is democratic ...): we deny you the right to ever achieve the standard of living of Europeans or North Americans who have saturated the atmosphere with CO2 long before you get to the runway for economy take-off. It does not take a rocket scientist to imagine that the cheapest energies are the most polluting, nuclear, or renewable energy being an overpriced luxury for emerging countries, even for India, the second biggest polluter in the world.

2. The trajectory of GHG emissions shows a trend that require no extrapolation

Where we see that the United States and Europe are showing signs of virtue, but that indeed, the emerging countries (including China) have an insatiable thirst for fossil fuels, and that the growth they want to achieve benefiting their populations to lift too large a majority out of poverty leaves no hope for an inversion of the curve.

3. Sitting in their air-conditioned offices, the scientists engage in clever calculations

And the curves resulting from their models are paranoid delirium.

If the rulers of our still beautiful planet came to one conclusion, it would be "After us the Flood". Their children will always be able to settle in places where they will be relatively safe from the disasters that will inevitably happen. Regarding others...

"We need to tackle the root of the problem: the coal mine, the oil well, the gas pipeline" Irish Climate Minister Eamon Rayn said at the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (Boga), to which his country joined. In the meantime, our Foundation is doing its part, but we have also now introduced climate change resilience measures into every project that we support.


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