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The Mangrove Foundation supports two causes : 


             The Environment

Environmental protection and rehabilitation are two of the major challenges of the 21st century. Our key focus here is on addressing land degradation, resource depletion, energy misuse, water accessibility and safety, and climate change.


             Women Empowerment

Gender inequality is one of the most significant hurdles to economic growth and social development. Our key focus here is on increasing economic empowerment, education levels and health and safety of women.

TOGO| Sustainable energy

Mivo is an association established in Togo. Its objective is to create a sustainable enterprise with the purpose to distribute energy efficient devices, mostly fuel efficient stoves or solar lights.  It will build a national network of microshops, selling to women, who will be supported by microcredits.

LAOS | Sustainable Coffee Growing

This project aims at fighting women poverty in remote and isolated areas of South Laos.  This will be achieved by organizing women's savings groups and supporting microcredits, all of this in combination with revenue generating activities, essentialy around sustainable coffee production.

CONGO | Solidarity groups

Recently started in South Kivu, the projects impacts 18.000 people by supporting the social and economic empowerment of vulnerable women belonging to self-organized solidarity groups.  This will be achieved through literacy promotion, backing of revenue generating activities, micro businesses and renewable energy.

MALI | Irrigation

The purpose is the construction of dams to retain water all year round and re-introduce sustainable agriculture. Trees will be replanted for erosion protection and the irrigation system restored over a 40 ha cultivation area, impacting a population of approximately 20,000 villagers. 

INDIA | Women Empowerment

The purpose is to train tribal women in Odisha to acquire the necessary skills to improve their livelihoods, while promoting a more sustainable exploitation of non-timber forest products. It also provides seed capital for the creation of micro-enterprises. The project is ongoing and succesful, with more villages added.

BENGLADESH | Community medics

The purpose is to develop community medics among the char dweller populations living in poor conditions with little access to basic health care . Women are therrefore trained to address primary level health care within their communities, disease, malnutrition prevention and family planning.

SENEGAL | Reforestation

The purpose is to restore degraded land by planting trees to create more than 12 hectares of woods around 5 villages. It also seeks to develop revenue generating activities, part of the profits of which to be reinvested for the benefit of a population of approximately 18,000 to ensure project durability. 

The project is now completed.

PHILIPPINES | Mangrove rehabilitation

The purpose is to restore 12 hectares of mangrove areas in 4 villages. The protection and nutrients provided by the mangroves will enhance local fish production, which, as it is envisaged, will subsequently provide a source of income for approximately 10,000 people.

GAMBIA | Girls orphanage

A not for profit organization dedicated to caring for and educating children, mostly orphaned girls.  The organisation is run and run by Sia Jongeneel in a passionate effort to make a difference in their lives.  The orphanage houses 20 children and the school welcomes 250 children.

USA | Green World Rising

The Foundation supports Tree Media and the production of its Green World Rising series narrated by L. DiCaprio showing the pathway to a sustainable civilization powered by renewable energy and the feature film Into Eden showing how we can really create the basis for a sustainable world.

The Mangrove Foundation

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