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How we eat

New book by Jonathan Safran Foer, after "Eating animals?". Some astonishing information extracted from his new book”. We are the weather, saving the planet begins at breakfast", and which raises questions about our way of life. Thus, humans use 59% of the fertile land to feed livestock, one-third of all the freshwater we use is for livestock, while only one-thirtieth is used in homes. 60% of mammals are animals that are raised for food, there are about 30 farm animals per human being on the planet. More? 70% of the antibiotics produced worldwide are used for livestock, weakening their effectiveness in treating human diseases. All these animals also digest, producing methane, and according to the United Nations Framework Convention on Global Warming, if cows were a country, they would occupy the third place in the greenhouse gas emissions, behind China and the United States. And it goes on and on.

According to the most recent surveys, the US and Australia topped the tables for annual meat consumption, both countries topped more than 100kg per person, the equivalent of about half a cow each. And the consumption is undeniably on the rise, causing more issues, because comparing consumption across different countries, it is observed that typically, the richer we are the more meat we eat. There are not just more people in the world, there are more people who can afford to eat meat. We don’t want to extrapolate…


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